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January 29, 2010 by Eric Weidl

Sushi in New Orleans?!

New Orleans is well known for the unique flavors and character (and characters!) of its restaurants. Not everyone, however, enjoys the spicy, rich flavors of the Cajun, Creole and French cuisines. Several of the people we were with at our conference wanted to try something other than the crawfish and shrimp po-boys' we'd been enjoying. Thinking seafood, sushi came to mind. Our concierge said there were only four Japanese restaurants in the whole city. Whether true or not, the point was made. Any sushi restaurant was going to be a find in New Orleans. 

Fortunately, according to our concierge, one of the restaurants was within walking distance of our hotel. Rock'n Sake, 823 Fulton St, New Orleans is in the warehouse district west of the French Quarter and has been added to the Black Book.

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