Don't Transfer your Domain Name

July 25, 2011 by Kevin

Your domain name is the entrance to your identity on the web. It is also used for important tasks such as managing email. It is crucial to remain in control of your domain name. For this reason you should not transfer your domain name unless you know all the effects that it can cause and how to handle them. If you are an Intersites customer, we manage all aspects of your domain name so you should not make changes or transfer your domain name without first contacting us. 

All email to your site is directed through your domain name. If you transfer your domain name without taking all the proper steps you may not be able to send or receive email. In accordance with ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) rules, you cannot transfer your domain to another provider until 60 days after you register or transfer your domain. Imagine losing 60 days worth of email or 60 days worth of traffic to your site if the domain isn't configured correctly to connect to your site files after the transfer.

For our customers, we manage all aspects of their domains, emails, and hosting so that everything runs smoothly. We can only do this however if control of the domain doesn't get transferred away from us. The bottom line is to not think lightly about transferring your domain name and always contact those managing your domain before making any changes.

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