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November 29, 2011 by Eric Weidl

No Turkeys Here!

Video ClapboardVideo is a hot topic for websites. Until recently, video was a 'nice to have' for most websites. Video certainly added interactivity and appeal once visitors found your site, but it wasn't a good way to attract them to your site. Google has made some changes to their search engine which changed the game. Google can now index videos on your site and can use them to improve your ranking. We are creating our own video to demonstrate one way to use it to improve your online marketing efforts. We'll keep you up-to-date over the next two issues of Intercom.

One of the side effects of spending most of our working days on a computer is we learn many techniques and tricks to make using them easier and faster. We'll share those tips in the new 'Quick Tips' section of our Suite 131 blog. If you've ever done a search on Google, clicked on one of the results and found yourself staring at a page wondering how Google thought the page was related to your search term, our first tip 'Where Is My Search Term On This Page?!' gives you a technique to find the answer.

Once a website is launched, attention turns to measuring and monitoring the activity on the site. There is a lot of confusion about some of the ways website activity is measured. For example, most people use the term "hits" to indicate how busy their website is, when "page views" is a much better measure. Read our blog article 'The Difference Between "Hits" and "Page Views"' to understand the important differences between these two numbers.

eLearn Connection websiteOn the project front, we launched a new website for this month. eLearnConnection has a unique approach to online marketing for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Rather than developing websites around a company's products, eLearnConnection flips the scene and develops websites targeted towards patient needs and therapies. eLearnConnection is a key partner of ours. We worked together to develop a simple, easy-to-use site which describes their unique approach and presents clear calls to action for interested visitors to learn more.

As always, we welcome your feedback and thoughts. If there's something you're interested in or wondering about, let us know! We'll do our best to provide you with the resources or knowledge you're looking for. If you don't want to receive this monthly email you can unsubscribe by emailing us back.

Until next month, You Drive The Internet, Don't Let It Drive You.

- The Intersites Team

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