Where Is My Search Term On This Page?!

November 18, 2011 by Eric Weidl

During a recent visit with a client, I asked them to do a Google search. After clicking on one of the results, they quickly scanned the page and, unable to find the keyword they entered at Google, were baffled why it was included in the search results. Being persistent and curious, they started reading the entire page looking for their search term.
If you've had a similar experience, you are in the majority. A recent study found that 90% of people have similar experiences.

There is a better way to find your search term on a results page. If you want to be faster, the next time you find yourself staring at a page wondering why Google presented it as a match for your search term, type Control-F on your keyboard (Command-F if you're on a Macintosh). Your browser will display a "Find" feature. (The "F" in the Control-F keystroke is short for "Find").

In Firefox, the feature looks like the image below (highlighted in yellow).

Firefox's Find Feature

In Google Chrome, the feature looks like the image below (highlighted in yellow).

Chrome's Find Feature

In Internet Explorer, the feature looks like the image below (highlighted in yellow).

Internet Explorer's Find Feature

Type the same search term you entered in Google in the Find's field, then press the Enter key. The browser will find and highlight the first time the word or term appears on the page.

You can find the next instance by typing another key. In Firefox and Google Chrome, it's F3. In Internet Explorer, you need to click the Next button in the Find feature.

Once you're familiar with this trick, you'll find yourself using it a dozen or more times a day.

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