Tailored Electronic Marketing Efforts to Attract Visitors

To achieve more than an Internet presence-- measurable eMarketing success-- requires a strategic team commitment with our clients. Why not maximize the return on your investment in creating an impactful web presence?  To do so we strongly encourage our clients to forge an eMarketing partnership with the Intersites’ eMarketing team.  

Strategic planning

Our primary goal is to attain measurable eMarketing outcomes that translates to successful lead generation. The Intersites eMarketing team will gain a thorough understanding of your primary and secondary audiences and what motivates them to respond to a call to action. In addition, we will maintain meaningful continuity in your ongoing communications activities.

The Intersites team has the capability of creating multi-faceted eMarketing programs, including:

  • Email campaigns that differentiate from the competition and create leads
  • Electronic marketing such as banner ads, eNewsletters, blogs, social media
  • Convention booth presence that integrates lead generation into your data base management system
  • Extensive data tracking for all electronic communications to facilitate client decision-making

Email is a great way to stay in contact and keep your name in front of your customers and market. Less expensive than print or phone campaigns, email marketing can generate buzz, leads and sales from a global audience.

Of course, there are challenges:

  • How do you penetrate spam filters?
  • Can you make sure your message looks the same in all the many email programs your market uses?
  • Can you track who opens each email?
  • Can you send hundreds of thousands of messages per day?
  • Can you customize each email for the recipient, making sure it has their name, and is specific to their needs and buying history?

We can answer "Yes" to every question and we do it every day.

Contact us if you'd like more information about growing your business with email marketing.

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