Strategy / Planning

A Realistic Plan for Your Online Success.

The Internet is littered with thousands of websites that failed to achieve the results expected by their owners. Some even exhibit beautiful design, cutting-edge technology or a good number of visitors. So what went wrong?

Marketing guru Seth Godin provides some insight when he recently lamented that in our quest for success we spend all our time on execution, rather than the more important tasks of knowing ourselves, setting goals, and developing the strategy and tactics to achieve them.

Intersites understands how critical research and strategic planning is to the success of any website.

These steps are critical to the long-range success of any website by laying a solid foundation, and providing clarity and purpose for the design, production, and promotional tasks that lie ahead. They also often reveal new opportunities to position your site as an industry leader and benchmark of online success!

1. Research to thoroughly understand:

  • your brand (products/services)
  • your customers - and what they value
  • your competition
  • your goals and desires

2. Solution Generation: How will we...

  • draw visitors to your site
  • engage and encourage visitors to become customers
  • build and maintain relationships

3. Planning & Prototyping

  • develop strategic plan
  • develop site map/content structure
  • establish timeframes and deadlines
  • build wireframe prototype site

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