Web Design / Development

Creative Purpose-Driven Design

An Attractive Online Enviroment that Reflects Your Brand.

We know the value of a creative and well-designed site. It is key in creating an attractive online environment for your visitors to experience the best qualities of your brand.

To make it positive and memorable, Intersites' experienced and award-winning design team ensures that your site design:

  • is attractive and engaging to your visitors
  • reflects your brand's standards, guidelines and character
  • is unique (no stock templates)
  • powerfully communicates your message
  • employs tested usability standards so the site is easy to understand and intuitive to navigate
  • will be fully compatible with any and all search engine optimizations
  • uses optimized graphics to maximize the loading of your site
  • encourages a next step or "call to action"

The experienced design team at Intersites can even design great Flash animations or applications, logos, banner ads, email blasts, newsletters, flyers, and many other graphic design projects for online or print.

Web Development

Programming Talent to Build Any Website You Want.

Building a good looking web site is only part of the job. Any non-trivial website also needs to function, to do something, to be productive. Our programming team has built many different website applications for a large variety of industries.

We've built:

Shopping Carts, for eCommerce sites. The carts integrate with PayPal or other merchant accounts for payment processing and UPS, FedEx and USPS for shipping solutions. They offer discounting and promotion engines for the different needs and customer types.

Quizzes and Evaluations, for eLearning sites. The quizzes and surveys can automatically score and record tests.

Customer Support systems, for customer relationship management sites. The systems allow customers or users to report issues they experience with a product and track the response.

Surveys, for customer feedback sites. The feedback can be automatically routed to the appropriate individuals for immediate response or summarized in an weekly report automatically sent to management.

Content Management Systems, for all customer-managed site. A CMS allows the website owner to update and manage their site without having to get on a designer's schedule.

And dozens of others, including HR (Human Resources), directory, newsletters, blogs, catalogs, video posting and publishing systems.

Review our projects for more examples, or feel free to contact us about your needs.

Chances are we've already built your application.

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