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An Experienced Partnership

eLearnConnectionIn 1998, Intersites, Inc. teamed up with Blitz + Associates, who specialized in healthcare professional relations, planning and developing medical education programs. After several years of collaboration, they gave birth to a unique, flexible and robust proprietary learning management system (LMS) platform called eLearnConnection. Since then, eLearnConnection has teamed up exclusively with Intersites, Inc. to produce numerous engaging live webinars.

Maximizing Your Return on Investment

Here at Intersites, we’ve worked in the educational field for many years and see the growth of webinars largely tied to the transition of learning activities to the Internet. In our view, webinars are just one of many learning formats available to educators to share information.

Webinars have become popular due to the availability of several easy to use, albeit generic, webinar development platforms. Today, anyone can conduct a webinar from his or her computer and make it available on the web within minutes. Although webinars created with these generic tools can be used to reach small audiences in a fairly intimate manner, they have important limitations, especially when it comes to integrating the webinar with an organization’s branding or a product’s web presence.

The key question we ask ourselves and our clients is:

How can webinars be successfully used to support the company’s branding, marketing and sales strategies?

We look critically at how webinars might be used to meet a client’s educational and informational needs. We also conduct a strategic review of a client’s existing web presence and the goals and objectives of its current educational offerings. We then establish the potential value of webinars in relation to the client’s branding, sales, and marketing programs.

Next, we ask, “What is the most effective strategy for managing a webinar event or series of events to best meet the client’s goals and objectives?” For those clients who recognize webinars as a priority online offering, we take an “orchestrated” webinar management approach.

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What is an Orchestrated Webinar Management Approach?

We believe that every aspect of the webinar event– content planning, eMarketing, hosting platform/functionality, and analytic reporting– needs to be strategically planned to achieve the desired outcomes. This approach requires treating each webinar as an event unto itself. We “orchestrate” the webinar event by bringing all the instructional and technical elements together and integrating them with the company’s branding, sales, and marketing objectives to ultimately build greater knowledge and awareness of the client’s brand or product.

The Intersites team welcomes the opportunity to share with you its insights and experience in developing and hosting branded and non-branded webinar programs. With over 15 years of offering online educational services, Intersites can help you establish a webinar presence that uniquely integrates and supports your organization’s online branding, marketing, sales, and educational needs.

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