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A Full Range of Hosting Solutions for Your Website.

If you want to open a retail store or other business, you rent space from a landlord. Similarly, if you want to open a website, you need to rent “space” from a website hosting company.

Like any landlord, a good website hosting company has a number of options depending on your needs and budget. We'll ask the following questions when determining which hosting option is best for you.

  • How many visitors are you expecting in a month?
  • Are you doing eCommerce?
  • How many pages, pictures and videos are on the site?
  • Does your data need to be isolated from other company's?

Typically our focus is on customers whose web presence requires specialized or dedicated website hosting plans but we'll work with you to ensure you have the best hosting environment for your needs.

All of our website hosting plans are supported by our hosting partner Hostway, a proven worldwide leader in the hosting business.

Hosting plans fall into two categories, “Shared” and “Dedicated”


A shared plan means your site is one of many running on one particular computer. They are like having one office in a large office building with many other tenets. The benefit of shared hosting plans is lower cost.

The disadvantage is that you are sharing the computer's resources with many other clients and are limited in the options and way we can configure the site.


A dedicated website hosting plans means that a computer is dedicated to running only one site: yours. While more expensive than shared hosting plans, they are within the budget of any company committed to their web site.

They offer many benefits, including higher performance, isolated data, and complete control over the customization and configuration of the site.

We also offer multiple server hosting configurations for companies or sites with very high performance and availability needs. Multiple server sites use 3 or more computers to share the workload. They also offer redundancy; if one server goes down, another one is already in place running to take the load.

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