Eric Weidl

Eric Weidl


Way back in the early 1990's, Eric was part of a team who evaluated and installed the first world wide web server as part of a technology project at the University of Chicago Hospitals. Sensing a business opportunity in what was then very rudimentary technology, Eric started Intersites in 1995.

The goal of the company from the beginning has been to help businesses use the web to explore new opportunities.

One of Eric's key skills is the ability to explain complex technical concepts to in terms real people can understand. It is important for managers to actually understand and be informed to make a good decision.

Eric developed the "Web Presence Management" service concept in 2002. Web Presence Management is a suite of services through which Intersites manages all aspects of a client's online presence, providing a single point of contact and reducing costs.

Eric enjoys running, boating and Tae Kwon Do.

He has an B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Cincinnati and a A.B. in Bioanthropology from the University of Chicago.

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Brian Signorella

Account Manager

Brian graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.S. degree in Computer Science. He is one of thirteen in the last 34 years to earn special mention in the NIU computer science alumni accomplishments for his design and development of a web site.

At Intersites, Brian is responsible for website and database programming for clients, internal systems and the tools. He specializes in PHP/MySQL and also HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Brian sees a bright future with Intersites and doing a little traveling on the side!

Michele Weidl

Michele Weidl

Office Manager

Michele brings her tremendous organizational skills to bear at Intersites as Office Manager, a role in which she has served at a number of companies over the past 20 years.

Besides accounting duties, Michele’s responsibilities also include assisting the team in everything from preparing for client presentations, conductings staff meetings, to ensuring the team's ongoing professional development.

Michele has a B.A. degree from California State University, Long Beach. She also serves on the Board of Directors of her local Kiwanis Club.

Alan Blitz

Alan Blitz

Director, eMarketing Services

Al brings an exceptional breadth of varied experiences to the Intersites team. He has served more than 25 years in the fields of advertising, public relations, educational services as well as website development and eMarketing activities.

These combined experiences have enabled Al to serve as a very effective strategic partner with Intersites clients in website planning, development, content management, webinar production and the creation of highly targeted eMarketing programs.

At Intersites, Al has evolved the webinar business and helped create various hosting plan models for access by new business prospects and customers via corporate branded websites as well as independently, non-branded websites. He welcomes the opportunity to discuss your eMarketing needs and explore how webinars and supportive materials can be strategically planned to help you achieve marketing and sales results in your markets.

Alan obtained his B.S. degree and M.A. degree in Journalism from Northern Illinois University.

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Dominik Heller

Dominik Heller

Lead Developer

Dominik joined Intersites in 2009 and adds a bit of German engineering to the team. He is the ultimate programming machine.

His focus is behind the scenes; the knowledgeable mechanic of our shop that keeps things running smoothly. He uses various programming languages and databases to structure websites and pioneer new features for Intersites' Bourbon CMS.

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Travis Cremer

Travis Cremer

Web Team Manager

Travis touches everything at Intersites and has over 15 years design and development experience with the web alone. He got his first Apple in the mid 1980s and has been changing the world ever since.

Before Intersites, Travis was with Microsoft Corp. as a Web & Media Services Specialist. In this role, he built and managed registration sites, designed and executed email marketing campaigns and enhanced webinar recordings for MS Office Live Meeting's Fortune 500 clients.

At Intersites, Travis is responsible for just about everything and can handle anything. From ensuring the web servers are quietly hosting the websites to writing clean, structured code, he knows Intersites' projects from top to bottom.

He's also the sole and lead developer of Intersites' very own Magic JavaScript library/framework.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Graphic Designer

Chris is the newest addition to the Intersites family. He graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2009 with a B.A. Degree in Visual Communication and a minor in art history. At Intersites, his duty is to make everything that passes through look good.

Prior to joining the Intersites crew, Chris held roles as Marketing Director for a mobile marketing company, and also spent two years in the nutrition/health industry working in package design.

Although he specializes in identity, print and web design, he has dabbled in everything from apparel to mobile apps. With a vast understanding of graphic design's rapid evolution and an excessive attention to detail, he is able to succeed with any project.

Chris Weidl

Chris Weidl

SEO/Promotion Manager

Chris brings a varied set of experiences to Intersites, Inc. He previously was a crew chief and engine builder for the Yoshimura Suzuki road racing team. Being responsible for the work of five mechanics and reporting to a range of engineers taught Chris valuable lessons in teamwork, organization, and adaptability.

He also has worked with the marketing and promotional departments at the Manufacturer level and came to understand and enjoy the marketing aspect of the business.

At Intersites, Chris is responsible for every facet of website promotion and SEO work and its inclusion in the design of the websites Intersites creates.

Jennifer Cox

Jennifer Cox

Director of Client Services

Jennifer brings over 15 years of marketing strategy and client leadership from marketing agencies such as Brann Worldwide, G2 Direct and Digital and The Red Group. Jennifer specializes in direct marketing, lead generation, online solutions, brand development and multi-channel marketing strategy from acquisition throughout the customer lifecycle.

Jennifer is a results-driven, marketing professional with both B2B and B2C experience managing accounts such as Bank of America, United Airlines, Marketwire and OAG Worldwide.

Jennifer holds an MBA from Loyola University and a B.S. in Marketing from St. Mary’s University.

Donna Shelley

Donna Shelley

President of ShelleyComm, LLC

Experienced professional with extensive track record for successful marketing and public relations programs. Concentration in full-scale orchestration of communications programs, from strategic planning to team leadership/management and hands-on implementation.

Strategic planning, message development, program execution, media relations, program metrics, government relations, community relations, C-Level and board facilitation, communications training.

Specialty markets include, but are not limited to: Technology/Software, Polymers/Advanced Materials, Building Products, Traditional and Advanced Energy, Technology Economic Development, Industrial Equipment.

James Jordan

James Jordan


James Jordan has enjoyed a long and varied career in the creative realm as a graphic designer, art director, copywriter, and corporate communications professional.

During James’ time as an art director, he had the privilege of observing the work of many talented photographers and collaborated on a number of photography-driven projects. The experience of assisting gifted professionals rekindled James’ earlier interest in photography. In the mid 1990s, James began a program of self-study in photography.

Beginning with landscapes, James explored a number of photographic genres. His work began to appear in regional travel guides, web sites, magazines and in private collections.

James made the transition to full time professional photography in 2008. His clients include advertising agencies, design studios, web developers, colleges, local businesses and manufacturers.

Paul Sonnefeldt

Paul Sonnefeldt

Content Development Specialist

Paul is a professional copywriter with more than 15 years experience developing audience-targeted messages for a wide spectrum of marketing and advertising media, including E-commerce, B2C and B2B websites.

He assists Intersites' clients with online product management and descriptions, and the creation and implementation of various marketing campaigns.