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November 18, 2013 by Eric and Steve

If you're using the Internet with any amount of regularity, you probably already have some sort of routine in place. Maybe you check your email first thing in the morning, and then enjoy your coffee with a side of Google News or CNN. Maybe your favorite part of lunch is logging onto Facebook or Twitter and catching up with friends. Maybe, you've even got a blog or two you're following because it's just so informative and fun to read ;).

Whatever your habits on the web, it's sometimes beneficial to hit refresh and try something new. This week, we've decided to do the same and use Suite 131 as a platform to help you discover new destinations. Our hope is that we just might guide you toward inspiration, innovation, or at the very least a well-deserved break from the ordinary. is a website devoted to "Ideas Worth Spreading" in the realms of Technology, Entertainment, and Design. TED started out in 1984 as a conference event for industry thought leaders but has grown alongside the Internet and has become the web's go-to source for engaging video lectures. Today, TED is best known for its TED Talks series, which challenges thought leaders to put on engaging presentations in 18 minutes or less. The best presentations are posted online and can be viewed for free. is essentially TED for the more academically inclined. Topics tends towards the scientific and philosophic, and presentations are longer-form interviews with some of the world's leading thinkers and professors. Popular topics include The Universe, Technology, Culture, and Life. Edge has recently launched a compelling series on Big Data and Social Science that really puts our society's computer usage into perspective, and really makes you stop and think about exactly what it is you're doing when you go online.

Like and, is yet another hub of knowledge and innovative thinking. BigThink differentiates itself, however, by putting its focus on significant and relevant information that can be directly applied to one's everyday life – like "Surviving the Dark Days of Winter" with a little help from Vitamin D. BigThink's goal is to help people navigate the chaotic swarm of information that is the Internet as we know it today. They're an organization that's dedicated to time well spent and guidance, kind of like us here at Intersites.

Bonus Site:

The more time one spends on the Internet, the more one realizes that it is truly a fascinating body of information filled with many an alluring destination and countless hidden gems. The sites outlined above are great places to start, but they're really only the beginning of what can become a lifelong journey through a world of learning and knowledge. For those of you still thirsty for even more adventure, we recommend It's basically the Internet on shuffle, and it's a veritable well-spring of online refreshment.

…And for those of you with an eye towards the future, well, who knows what this Internet-of-Information will become. Today, it's ideation transcribed to bits and bytes. Tomorrow, perhaps it will be a much sunnier version of The Matrix, where thoughts are swapped in seconds, through a network of collaboration that unifies and saves the world.

In any event, we live in a time that is anything but routine.

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