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February 3, 2014 by Eric and Steve

Have you got what it takes to compete in the Google Olympics? Check out our 7 quick tips to Google search mastery, and become a Google Power User by the time the games begin in Sochi.

Tip 1: Search a site for a keyword

Google: luge
Google will instantly return everything from the Olympics website containing the world “luge.”

Tip 2: Search the web for a time period

Google: 1900..1920 Winter Olympics.
Half a second later, you have everything the Internet knows about the Winter Games during the first two decades of the 20th Century.

Tip 3: The Wildcard Operator

Google: Winter Olympics * Medals.
Every result will contain “Winter [any combination of words] Olympics Medals.” Note: any combination of words means any combination of words, including none.

Tip 4: Approximate Results

Google: ~athlete.
Your results will define the word “athlete” and relate it to synonyms, or approximately equal words. That weird character is called a tilde, and it’s at the top left corner of your keyboard.

Tip 5: Search for related subject matter

Google: related:olympics.
Your results will be related to the Olympics, but not hard and fast Olympic results. Great for anyone doing research or searching for news.

Tip 6: Search for specific file types

Google: olympics filetype:ppt.
All of your results will be Olympics Powerpoints, or .ppts. This will work for any file extension.

Tip 7: Homework Problem

What’s: Winter Olympics -curling?
Hint: The answer isn’t “a tragedy”, although we’d admittedly feel the same way

As you can see, there’s whole lot more to Google than grumpy cat videos. For more Google Power Tips, feel free to contact us at any time, or drop on in to our newly renovated office to witness a few of Google’s most powerful users hard at work. You can also share our tips with your colleagues and friends by asking them to sign up for our newsletter. It’s filled with knowledge, guidance, and other tips like these – which in a world of information is as good as gold.

Go Team USA!

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