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November 11, 2013 by Eric and Steve

When we evaluate potential partners and vendors, we look for companies who focus on business users, offer guidance, and value long term relationships. Our leading hosting provider, Hostway, exhibits all those characteristics.

Hostway was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Chicago. They are one of the leading ISPs in the world, serving over 600,000 clients worldwide.

Hostway launched their Partner Program in 2012, and it has already helped the company form over 150 new partnerships. Partners receive reduced pricing and additional support beyond the outstanding service Hostway already offers.

Recently, Hostway asked us to join their Partner Program. We proudly accepted and are now listed as one of their preferred partners.

Notably, the program has also received a 5 Star rating from CRN Magazine. As stated by CRN, a 5 Star rating is “reserved for vendors that understand that a successful partnership does not rely solely on the technology.”

As a tech-based enterprise ourselves, we can really appreciate the nature of such an award. After a certain point, technological prowess falls secondary to quality of service and interaction. This holds true whether the interaction takes place between two partners or between a company and its client.

Intersites has used Hostway’s technology to host our own website for eight years. In all this time, we’ve received nothing but effective and responsive support and a powerful and flexible infrastructure. In a lot of ways, our recent partnership is just an extension of this service-based relationship, and it’s an excellent way to provide greater value to our clients.

There’s also Hostway’s mission statement:

“Our job as a hosting company is to become a partner in our customers’ success – from offering infrastructure guidance to making sure everything keeps running smoothly on a day-to-day basis.”

This simple statement is surprisingly similar to our mission here at Intersites. We offer long term guidance, and we like to work with people who recognize the long form nature of success. It’s true that the instantaneous nature of the Internet makes this goal kind of an oxymoronic pursuit, however over the years we have found that it is actually attainable.

The medium through which the world does business and communicates has changed drastically, and there’s no doubt that it will continue to do so, but the basic principles behind business and communication remain the same. Stability, trust, and personalization are far superior to transactional exchange.

Hostway offers a lot in terms of technological capability. For those of you who might have read our recent post on dedicated servers, we can recommend none finer. Hostway’s dedicated servers maximize uptime and security, and they allow for a high degree of customization – including the new and exciting ability to hybridize with the cloud.

More importantly, however, Hostway takes stock in its clients’ digital success. They view their role as that of a guide and they employ a talented staff that’s great at giving directions. They’re the type of company that values dialogue, and while they may be a little bit larger than Intersites, their mission and their goals are fundamentally the same.

Clients > Computers = Sustainable Success.

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