How to Read an Email Address

January 4, 2011 by Kevin and Eric

Many people do not know how to read an email address. Since they are unfamiliar, some people are intimidated or frustrated. Reading an email address is simple, though. Just like when your elementary school teacher taught you how to read and write the address on a letter, you just need a simple explanation.

Email addresses, e.g. "", are composed of several elements.

Most prominently, you find the '@' character in the "middle" of every email address. To the "right" is the domain name, "" in our example. Unless you buy a domain name, you can't make your own "right side" of your email address. What you do get to choose is your username: in this example "me." So going from left to right we have the username of the person who the email address belongs to, the '@,' and finally the company that supplies the email address.

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