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August 3, 2011 by Eric Weidl

It's been quite a summer already here in the Chicago area. In July, we had a record amount of rain (over 11 inches, average is 3.5) and near record heat.

Here in the air-conditioned offices at Intersites, we kicked off a major marketing and re-branding effort. We are developing a new positioning statement so it is very clear what we stand for and where we are in the market. Part of the re-branding process is client interviews. We plan to talk with five to ten of our existing clients to learn how they view Intersites and the market. The interviews will last about half an hour. If you'd like to volunteer for an interview, please use our contact form or email Eric directly.

We also added a number of articles and information to Suite 131, our blog. I'd like to call particular attention to the article on Domain Name "Slamming". "Slamming" is a shady practice where a company sends you a letter claiming it's time to renew your domain name, but the fine print shows that they are really switching the domain to their control. If you've received an envelope like the one below, you've been the target of one of these attempts.

domain slamming envelope

Read the article for more information on this risk and what you can do to avoid being taken advantage of.

Next week we'll be publishing a case study on how misunderstanding how various website tracking and analytics tools work can lead to a serious overestimation (up to 10x) of the activity on your site. Look for the paper in the Guidance section of our site.

We've also been hard at work on various client sites. We launched a couple of new and updated sites recently. We'll tell you more about them in the September Intercom.

Finally, we like to have fun here, too. One of our diversions is our Restaurant "Black Book". Eric recently found an article on the Top 50 BBQ restaurants in Texas, so we added a few of those restaurants to the Black Book. Next time you're in Texas, you won't have to wonder which BBQ restaurant to visit!

As always, we welcome your feedback and thoughts. If there's something you're interested in or wondering about, let us know! We'll do our best to provide you with the resources or knowledge you're looking for. If you don't want to receive this monthly email you can unsubscribe by emailing us back.

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