Intercom, September 26, 2012

September 26, 2012 by Eric and Chris

Guiding You through the Rebrand

In the August 2011 edition of Intercom, we announced our initial efforts in our rebranding process. After months of research, thought, and work, we areas proud to present to you a truly renovated company!

A Bit of Background

Throughout the past two decades, Intersites has evolved an incredible amount. We have new team members, our capabilities have expanded and we think a little bit differently. As a team, we decided around this time last year that some self-actualization was in order. We began the rebranding process with client interviews and competitor and market analysis to pinpoint our position in the industry. With that new information and insight, it was easy to recognize not only our strengths, but what differentiates us in a crowd of outdated websites, buggy programming, cliche marketing and stale design. The rebranding process isn't about reinventing the wheel. The focus of the process should be about determining your expertise and structuring your outfit around that newly defined core. It's about answering that key question: What do you offer that no one else does?

The key motivation behind our rebranding process was that we found ourselves ‘in the middle’. Well, not necessarily in the middle, but more so fitting into both or multiple categories of the industry — ‘at the intersection of’, if you will. For instance, we were at the intersection of web and mobile; the intersection of web development and graphic design; and of course, the intersection of Randall Road and Dean Street. Sure, it was easy as pie to categorize our competitors, but self-classification is on a completely different level! Rather than an obvious source of confusion, we chose to use this dilemma as a source of inspiration in identifying ourselves.

“Intersites is your guide to web and mobile.”

How delightfully vague and simplified this message is — but at the same time, confident and certain. This is our message to you! A guide is a leader; someone who escorts you on YOUR journey; an expert in their field. This is someone that is expected to know the answers and if not, they will find them. Guides are able to succeed at any task presented. We understand the unique nature of each one of our clients. In this business, there usually isn't a path laid out for you. The online world is constantly expanding, introducing new services and technologies every day. It's easy to get lost. Our job is to know the terrain and lead you in the right direction. Each of our clients has a unique destination with specified checkpoints along the way. Intersites is your trusted advisor that will guide you beyond your journey's objective.

Guidance, direction, journey and destination are the core ideas not only behind our logo, but our brand as well. We are the sign that points you in the right direction and moves you toward your goal. We are marking our spot in the industry so you know exactly where we stand and where we can take you.

All in all, what an experience rebranding Intersites has been. We'd like to thank everyone that was involved for your kind words, criticism and guidance. We have finally arrived at our initial destination, yet, we can't help but to look forward. This process has conceived some big ideas and already presented some awesome opportunities. Looking back at the start of this process and what the past year has presented makes it exciting to envision where we'll be next September! Stay current with Intersites through Intercom, as well as our social media pages! And please, visit our freshly redesigned website for company updates, news, and other valuable content.

Your Guides,

– The Intersites Team

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