October 8, 2012 by Eric and Chris

Intersites Technivorm Moccamaster Grand

Big things are continuing to take place here at Intersites! We happen to be extremely excited about one change in particular – our new coffee maker. Laugh if you must, but it just so happens that we take coffee very seriously.

In the last issue of Intercom, we gave some insight into our rebranding process. Throughout the past year, many things have changed within our company including our logo, identity and overall messaging. However, the transformation isn't over just yet! Over the next twelve months, we will be expanding our office space, growing our team and doing some interior decorating. That's quite the agenda for the next year! To get the ball rolling, we're starting off small by picking some of the low-hanging fruit, as Travis would say. Our first task was upgrading our coffee maker.

Now, just like any other project or idea that passes through these doors, the coffee maker was no exception to the elaborate research and assessment that goes on here. We strive to be a start to finish guide for all of our clients. From strategically planning their online journey to reaching its culmination and beyond, this requires scads of research and planning at each step along the way. In our field, the slightest mistake can be catastrophic, so it's common practice around our office to be extremely detail oriented in everything we do. Yes, even in purchasing a coffee maker. We seek out quality products, especially ones that operate efficiently, are aesthetically pleasing, and exhibit exceptional design. Sure, it might cost a little more, but people notice and appreciate a quality product. Just ask Starbucks.

Our new coffee maker is made by Technivorm, a company from the Netherlands that puts as much TLC into their product as we do ours. It's called the Moccamaster ( A unique European design, stainless steel exterior, and operational simplicity (user-experience) are obvious selling points. But that's not all. What goes on inside of the Moccamaster (the backend) is equally as impressive! This state-of-the-art machine features a perfectly synchronized brew time and temperature. The coffee is roasted at the ideal temperature range of 195-205 degrees, and fills its 64-oz. cap thermal carafe in a mere 8 minutes, assuring optimum flavor and less bitterness. I could go on for days about the 9-hole spray arm that disperses the water over the entire grind for a remarkably even soak prior to extraction or the awesome copper heating technology, but I'll refrain from doing so. The thought and consideration behind this coffee maker is apparent. A quality product, an efficient process and a beautiful package is what we, the consumer, look for. As a business, that is what we offer. When you're out shopping for the best web company, make sure to keep that in mind. From beginning to end, we will act as your guide for the entirety of your online journey. You might even get to try some of our renowned coffee.

So hats of to you, Moccamaster, for the inspiration and for making our mornings that much more enjoyable.

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