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December 10, 2013 by Eric and Steve

Last week, Bezos and Company announced plans for a futuristic delivery drone system called Amazon Prime Air. From both a technical and a regulatory standpoint, Prime Air is years away from becoming a reality, and yet it is currently one of the hottest topics of discussion in main stream media. People love talking about it, imaging a near future straight out science fiction, and debating over the finer points of its governance.

At the same, everybody knows that the drone technology doesn’t exist yet and that it will be a long time before it actually does.

So what’s really going on here?

Our position is that Amazon Prime is an impressive goal and probably one that Amazon will one day attain, BUT we also think that the delivery drone announcement was somewhat of a marketing maneuver. Actually, we think it was an ingenious marketing maneuver, enacted just in time for the holiday shopping season, which provides customers with a gentle reminder of just how easy it is to buy all of your gifts online, from Amazon. So easy, in fact, that one day your gift might be delivered straight to your doorstep, by drone.

With Prime Air, Amazon has advertised itself by dreaming out loud. Bezos has associated his company with a bright and exciting future that works to position present-tense Amazon as the go-to source for online shopping. It’s impressive, and it’s working, and we think it’s a method anyone with a business could include as part of their marketing strategy.

Naturally, we all can’t get airtime on CNN; but, those of us with websites already have more than enough platform to get started. A website is a container which can hold anything, including your most exciting ideas. If you’re running a business, chances are that you have more than a few. Your future goals may be years in the making, but they’re also exciting stories that can be leveraged to market your business and to associate it with innovation and growth. Your best ideas can be billboards that make your customers stop and think and talk with others about what they have seen.

Amazon doesn’t have drones yet, but to the casual observer they do. What’s so powerful about this is that even when people realize that the drones are just speculation, they don’t care because Amazon still offers a great service. The art of Prime Air is that it isn’t a false promise – it’s a cool idea that has a good chance of coming true. It keeps fresh in mind at a crucial point in Amazon’s business cycle, when the lion’s share of its profits are made.

Like Amazon, your business undoubtedly has competition, and chances are that from the customer’s standpoint many your products/services seem the same. With the right idea and the right presentation, you can change this conception in a matter of seconds. This doesn’t mean a complete overhaul. It just means pointing the conversation in a bold, new direction.

It means taking a step back...and focusing on your delivery ;)

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