The /PARIS Process

February 28, 2014 by Eric

We're trying to improve our business by listening to you.

One of the things I heard as I spoke with customers and prospects over the past year was that we could do a better job describing the process of building a site or app or of explaining the deliverables along the way.

I also heard that message in my management coaching group (Strategic Coach) and in an influential business book, (The E-Myth).

So, for the past six months, we’ve been working to define what we do and how we do it. The result is The /PARIS Process™.


We see Paris, the city, as a metaphor for the destination our clients want to reach. It's is a significant destination for many people. It is also a place which, for most people, requires a lot of planning and effort to get to. Once you're there, you want to maximize your time and resources to have the most memorable and enjoyable experience possible.

PARIS conveniently is an acronym for our five-step process.

Planning. Aesthetics. Realize. Inform. Sustain.

Planning: Just as a safe, reliable house starts with blueprints, a satisfactory website or mobile app starts with proper planning, research, and specification.

Aesthetics: The creative part of website design. The beautiful pictures and so-easy-to-use-you-don't-even-think-about-it user interface.

Realize: The actual process of building the site. Pretty easy when you have a Plan.

Inform: The steps and systems to promote your site or app in the market.

Sustain: Now that the site or app is done, what does it take to keep it going. Sustain is the management, monitoring, and support to keep your site running at its peak.

These are the 5 steps of The /PARIS Process, our system for building successful sites and apps. Each step is a checkpoint, and altogether they are a journey.

For you, PARIS is an easy-to-follow roadmap to your destination, whether its a site, app, or even a new business venture. For us, PARIS is a way to provide a consistent, cost-effective experience for our customers and prospects.

We look forward to exploring the process with you as we work together on your projects. Let me know if you have any feedback or comments.

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