What is "Web Presence Management"?

August 8, 2011

Web Presence Management — managing all aspects of your company's presence on the web through services, tools and resources.

We are taking web design and development to the next level. There are many companies which focus on only one or two facets of your online presence. There are companies which focus on hosting, companies that focus on design and others that focus only on email marketing.

The problem is that by dealing with companies providing individual services, there is only one person responsible for coordinating them all and making sure your presence meets your bigger strategic goals: You.

Aren't you busy enough already? Do you really have time to coordinate the placement of graphic elements in an email blast being done by company X to make sure they reflect the new design done by company W to reflect a strategic plan crafted by company Y?

Our goal at Intersites is to serve as a single point-of-contact for every aspect of your online presence.

By working with Intersites, you are working with a team experienced in developing and managing all aspects of a web presence. For those services that we can't provide ourselves, we partner with the best companies in the world, then we manage them for you.

Do you have an idea for a website? Contact us and we'll take your idea, develop it into a sustainable business model, design it, build it, host it, promote it, and manage it – all without missing a step.

That's the level of service we provide and why we coined the phrase “Web Presence Management.”

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