You NEED to Add Content to Your Site

January 15, 2014 by Eric and Steve

At one point or another, someone might have told you that your website needs good content. Not really knowing what they were getting at, you might have just politely smiled and agreed with them and then went about your day. People are always saying your website needs something, and in the moment they’re probably right. Besides, you may have thought, doesn’t my site already have content? And who’s to say what makes content “good”?

First, let’s agree on what we mean by “content”. Simply put, content is the words on your website. It’s the sales copy on your Homepage, the information on your About Us. It’s the written descriptions of your products or your services, or the words promoting collected samples of your work. This blog entry is content!

Okay, you’re thinking, “My site has all that stuff. What’s the problem?”

One word: Google.

Your website’s rank in Google’s search results is directly related to the amount and quality of content on your site.

Google wants a world where websites are designed and written for people, not computers, and where search engine rankings are based on what people learn from your content -- not on how well you’ve gamed some computer algorithms.

Google’ algorithms are sophisticated enough to tell how well written the content and how informative it is. Think of Google as a smart, educated person looking to learn more. It can tell the difference in quality between an article from the New York Times or Wall Street Journal and your hometown newspaper.

To rank well under Google’s regime, website owners need to focus on what are known as The Big 3 Content Marketing Directives.

1. Add high-quality content to your site
2. ...On a regular basis
3. ...And get other sites to link to yours

If this sounds painfully simple, that’s because it is. For most website owners, there’s still one Big Problem: someone needs to write that high-quality content and do it on a regular basis.

Do you have the time and talent?

Probably not – even if you are penning the next great American novel everyday after work. Writing good content takes a great deal of time, even if you can write well and even if you’re writing about your own business.

This is exactly why Intersites has added content marketing as a service offering in 2014. Our clients want, scratch that, need to be found on Google, and we know that to do so it is absolutely essential that they add good content to their websites on a regular basis.

Intersites has taken the time to hire a versatile team of professional content specialists who write for people, not computers. Their job is to tell the story of your business, and their platform is your website’s pages or its blog. Content marketing can drive new business to your website and help retain a lasting customer base eager to learn and buy more.

Chances are, you probably have a lot to say about your business. In 2014, Google wants to hear it, your customers want to hear it, and so do we.

If you’d like to speak up and get found, give us a call or shoot us an email at any time. Intersites can develop a content creation plan custom tailored to any audience that comes to your website, or you want to come to your site.

Happy Internet!

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