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    Lots of people dream of going to Paris, but it’s the ones who plan that actually make it there.

    Creating a website is a lot like taking a trip to a foreign country. It’s new and unfamiliar, and most of the people you meet when you get there speak a strange language you can hardly understand. This is why seasoned travelers create itineraries. It’s also why, at Intersites, we always start with a Plan.

    During this phase of development, our team will meet with your team, to discuss where you want to go and exactly how you should get there. When we’re done, you’ll walk away with a well-crafted blueprint and a definitive direction.

    Your development itinerary will include:

    • Project Plan
    • Functional Specification
    • Content Plan
    • Project Budget
    • Assessment of your current site

    Creation of these items will require some thought and effort on your part, but all significant projects do. The end goal of our Planning phase is to create benchmarks, so that you can demonstrate value and measure success as your project moves along.

    Remember, you’re not just taking a trip to somewhere new – you’re creating an entirely new environment.

    It will be easy to get lost, so Plan ahead, and plot your roadmap.


    Oh, so you’ve been to Paris? What’s it like?

    Once you’ve made your Plan, it’s likely that your imagination will start reeling with an exciting new set of images and ideas. Our second step of website development is to harness these images, and to use them to craft your website’s Aesthetics. Think about this way:

    Let’s say you book a trip to Paris, and you can’t wait to get there. What kind of things are you thinking about and imagining?

    If you’ve never been to Paris before, you’re most likely envisioning a bunch of French people sipping espresso at cafes. And, most likely, they’re doing this beneath The Eiffel Tower. Of course, this is just Paris at its surface level, but surface level conceptions are still very important. The surface level appearance of your website will create a first impression. People who like the idea of cafes and espresso sipping Parisians go to Paris, and people who like what they see when they go to your website for the very first time are going to come back again. What do you want people to see when they first arrive? What do you want to say about your company, or your brand, in a single glance? What kind of culture do you want to instill, and what kind of reaction do you want to evoke?

    Aesthetics are behind all of this. They are your first impression. They’re what turn visitors into customers and what keeps customers coming back again and again. To establish your website’s Aesthetics, we will work with you to develop:

    • Full website graphical design
    • Email template design
    • Styleguide

    The benefits of establishing definitive Aesthetics are more than just conceptual. Defining your website’s look and feel will give it a direction. Communicating your dreams and your imagination will give our designers a concrete benchmark to shoot for and ensure a seamless transition to Step 3. Before you can build it, you’ve got to imagine it, and to imagine it, you’ve got to dream.


    Parlez-vous français?

    Your plan is in place and you’ve established your vision. You know where you’re going and you have a pretty good idea of what it’s going to look like when you get there. So, what’s next?

    Construction. Assembly. Building all we’ve conceptualized. Realizing your dream.

    At Intersites, Step 3 is where we really get to work while you sit back and relax. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface of a website. So much so, that trying to explain it all would be about as fruitful as switching to French and expecting you to still understand – and stay interested. The best way to explain this step would be to compare it to the construction of a building – say, The Eiffel Tower. Before the Tower was built, it had to be blueprinted by an architect or a structural engineer. This is what we did for your website when we Planned in Step 1. After Planning, we then moved onto Aesthetics to address the finer, more artistic points of your site – its appearance. In Step 3, we take everything we’ve thought of, and make it a Reality. We weave your iron lattice and point it towards the sky. We code, we organize, and when we’re done you’ll have a functional website on the world wide web.

    Realization deliverables include:

    • Functional Website
    • User Guide
    • Management Accounts

    At Intersites, all of our websites are built to meet or exceed all industry standards and best practices. Your end product is going to be something your company can be proud of, and it’s going to be something you can actually use. Just because you’ve a got a website up and running, however, doesn’t mean that we’re done. People need to know about it for it to actually work. After all, unlike the Eiffel Tower, your website isn’t standing 300 meters above the ground.


    Paris is always a good idea.

    – Audrey Hepburn

    A well-built, operable website is a powerful thing. That is, only if your customers know about it. Before the Internet, Paris became Paris because people knew about it. Back then, if you didn’t take a boat, you were probably walking, and since Paris was located right on a river that led to the English Channel, it was a popular place to be. The Internet is pretty much the same way. There are there popular websites that everyone knows about and use on a daily basis…and then there’s everything else.

    When someone uses the Internet to find something new, they use a search engine and type in what they’re looking for. Internet Marketing, in a nutshell, is leveraging this behavior to your company’s advantage. Of course, there are other aspects as well, and at Intersites we use everything available to Inform your customer base of your website’s and your company’s existence. We do this by finding out where your customers are already hanging out when they get on the web, and then intercepting them and redirecting them to your website. We shift the wind in their sail, if you will, and give them an alternative to Paris.

    Deliverables of our Inform step include:

    • Marketing and Communications Plan
    • SEO Plan
    • PPC Plan
    • Email Communications Plan
    • Social Media Plan

    Informing your market is nothing new. Using the Internet and computers to do so, however, is extremely effective because it allows us to statistically track and analyze consumer behavior. Trackable statistics allow for accurate and responsive strategic marketing shifts. In the end, this means that more people are going to come to your website – and after everything we’ve invested in its creation, this is exactly the outcome we want.


    Bon voyage…?

    Okay. So you’ve got a website and you’ve attracted significant traffic. Your client base is growing and your profit margins are actually reflecting it. You're online, are fully functional, and you’re starting to get the hang of things. So what now?

    It’s at this point that many developers will simply walk away and wish you the best of luck. At Intersites, we think this is about the same as dropping you off in France, showing you around for a day, and then ditching you in some seedy hotel.

    This is because a website – like a city, or a tower, or anything else that’s dreamt up and built – isn’t static. A website is dynamic and alive. Your website is something that your customers are going to interact with, and as such it’s something that you’ll have to monitor and sustain.

    Intersites is different because we don't just walk away in search of another client once the formal aspects of Website Development are done. Intersites acts as your Guide for the entirety of your website’s lifespan. We show you how to get where you want to go, what to do when you arrive, and we stick around for when you’ve got to change course and need to ask questions. Intersites will help to Sustain the initial quality and integrity of your website as it changes and grows, by providing:

    • Regular reports
    • Participation in meetings
    • Regular updates

    No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, things are bound to change. The business you’re running today is not the same business it was when it started out however many years ago. You’ve made changes, and you’ve grown, and, now, you’ve even got a website.

    Let us help you Sustain optimal functionality, and remain ever prepared for the road ahead.

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