Bourbon CMS

Our High-performance, Customizable Content Management System

One of our core philosophies at Intersites is that the customer should be able to manage and run as much of their site as possible on a day-to-day basis. A key tool to help achieve that goal is a “Content Management System” or “CMS”.

A CMS allows a web site owner to update the content of their site using only their web browser. With a well-designed CMS, the owner can update pages, add new products, create blog entries, set up webinars, upload Flash, video and images, send email blasts, and check and process orders.

There are many CMSes available. They range from free, open source projects to large, million-dollar commercial offerings. Why did we develop our own and not use one that was already available? Two reasons. First, the core of ours was one of the first ever built and second, features.

Bourbon CMS's family tree goes back to 1996, long before many other CMSes were thought of. Later versions were sold commercially in the US and Europe. That history and experience means Bourbon CMS is optimized for the way our clients work.

Bourbon CMS also has unique features, features which are critical to the specialized sites we build for our clients. For example, Bourbon CMS supports “multi-facade” sites. A multi-facade site is one which serves content out of one database to two or more web sites. Bourbon CMS is also designed to be very high-performance. It runs sites which serve millions of page views per month.

Why “Bourbon”

When picking a name, we wanted a term that meant something and didn't sound like it was created by a dictionary thrown into a blender. We also wanted it to speak to the tool's unique nature. When most people hear Bourbon, they think of whiskey. What they may not know is that Bourbon is a unique type of whiskey, made only in a small part of one state (Kentucky) in the United States.

It's history goes back to the founding of the country and was created and developed by the hard-working settlers, frontiersmen and entrepreneurs whose energy, persistence, innovation and inventiveness built America. It is in that spirit we picked the name “Bourbon”.

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