Trackable Link Creator

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The page you want people to land on when they click the link. Be thoughtful when creating the link; if you are creating a banner ad which promotes one of your products, direct the user to the page on your site for that product. Don't simply take people to your home page.

Use to indicate the site or organization hosting the link. For example, if the link is going to be part of a banner ad on, you might use "cnncom". If the link is part of an email blast send from Constant Contact, you might use "constant_contact".
Ex: constant_contact, facebook, cnncom

Use to indicate how the user "sees" the link. For example, it might be a banner ad, in an email blast, or as a cost-per-click ad.
Ex: banner, email_blast, cpc

Used for content-targeted ads and A/B testing. For example, if you are starting a campaign to promote your fall clothing line, and you are creating one banner ad for each of your 5 new products, you can use this field to indicate which of the 5 products each ad relates to. You can also use this value for A/B testing, that is if you have two versions of the same ad and want to see which performs better.
Ex: coat1, coat2, coat3, ad_in_blue, ad_in_brown

Use to identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaign.
Ex: new_member_push, spring_sale

Copy and paste this link where you need it!

Create links which can be tracked by Google Analytics and Bourbon CMS.

Are you trying to drive traffic to your site by creating banner ads for other sites, sending email blasts with links back to your site, or any other activity where you have links from another site back to yours?

Would you like to know how many people click on those links?

Are you using Google Analytics and want that information to appear on your Analytics reports?

If you are using Bourbon CMS, do you also want to know which of your users first came to your site through one of those external sources?

If so, then this form is built for you! Simply complete the fields and then use the URL it generates as the link back to your site.

Anyone who clicks on the link will automatically be tracked in your Analytics report and through the Bourbon CMS.


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